If you need legal help, Lawyer Referral Service can connect you with a local,
reputable, experienced lawyer who can help you with your problem.

This can help relieve the stress and anxiety that often accompanies legal concerns.

Lawyer Referral Service of Santa Cruz County is the only local non-profit service certified by the State Bar of California,
and which meets the American Bar Association Standards for a referral service.

Meets ABA Standards for Lawyer Referral - The Right Call for the Right Lawyer

We are the oldest, biggest and most respected legal referral service in Santa Cruz County.

Our LRS lawyers must meet specific qualifications that demonstrate experience and knowledge in the type of law that you need. They must carry malpractice insurance to protect their clients. They cannot have any form of disciplinary action against them by the State Bar of California.

State Bar of California

LRS lawyers in Santa Cruz County have helped thousands of people deal with their legal problems.
Check out our testimonials to find out what people say about the service they received through LRS.

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