LRS - Step 1 - Phone/Email1. Call LRS at 831-425-4755 or use our online form to explain your legal problem and request an appointment with a Santa Cruz County lawyer who handles the type of law that you need.

2. LRS staff will set up a 30-minute appointment in the office of an attorney in Santa Cruz County or schedule a phone consultation and provide you with your appointment information.

3. You will bring $50 in cash to your appointment or pay by credit card for your phone consultation. If you decide to work with the lawyer beyond your 30-minute consultation, you and the lawyer will discuss additional services and payment.

You can learn more by visiting the How LRS Works page, or check out the Frequently Asked Questions. You can also call us at 831-425-4755 with any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Don’t Wait

If you are concerned about a problem and think you may need legal advice, we encourage you to call us or use our online request form today.

LRS clients often tell us that they wish they hadn’t waited so long to get legal help. Often we are able to schedule your appointment within 72 hours, which means you can quickly get answers to your questions and gain some peace of mind.

If you have a court date, or you simply want to know more about your legal rights as a tenant, landlord, spouse, parent, employee, employer, consumer, beneficiary, accident victim or any other situation you may be facing, call us today. Our friendly staff will discuss your concerns and help you get the legal advice that you need.

If you contact us during non-business hours, we will get back to you the next business day.


You will be asked to bring the $50 administrative fee in cash with you to your appointment. The LRS lawyers cannot take checks or credit cards.

If you schedule a phone consultation, you will need to provide credit card information when we book your appointment. Your card will be charged the $50 administrative fee prior to your appointment.

There is no administrative fee for Workers’ Compensation appointments.

We offer a very limited number of weekly fee waivers, which are generally granted first thing Monday morning. We recommend you call our office at 8:30 a.m. to request a fee waiver. You must be a Santa Cruz County resident and meet certain financial requirements. The fee waiver covers the administrative fee only. We are only able to grant one fee waiver in a one-year period to any eligible LRS client.

Phone Consultation

If you are unable to meet face to face with a lawyer in their Santa Cruz County office, we can schedule a phone consultation for you.

This is a good solution for people who are out of the area or who have physical limitations or transportation challenges that make it difficult for them to meet in a lawyer’s office. This is also an option for someone who works during our LRS appointment hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you can get away for a 30 minute call during your work day, you can use LRS to help you with your legal problem.

You will be asked for credit card information when we schedule your phone consultation appointment and your card will be charged $50. We will schedule your appointment when you are available for the phone call, and then we will provide you with the lawyer’s phone number.

We recommend that prior to your phone consultation, you write down a brief overview of your problem and a list of questions. This will help you get the most out of your 30-minute consultation.


If you need legal help, Lawyer Referral Service can connect you with a local, reputable, experienced lawyer who can help you with your problem. This can help relieve the stress and anxiety that often accompanies legal concerns.

Lawyer Referral Service of Santa Cruz County is the only local non-profit service certified by the State Bar of California, and which meets the American Bar Association Standards for a referral service. We are the oldest, biggest and most respected legal referral service in Santa Cruz County.

Our LRS lawyers must meet specific qualifications that demonstrate experience and knowledge in the type of law that you need. They must carry malpractice insurance to protect their clients. They cannot have any form of disciplinary action against them by the State Bar of California.

LRS lawyers in Santa Cruz County have helped thousands of people deal with their legal problems. Check out our testimonials to find out what people say about the service they received through LRS.

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